In today’s world Accountant is the heart of the organization, omnipresent in almost all activities. Be it Procurement, HR, Budgeting or Sales, besides, to deal with Statutory Auditor, Tax Authority and Top Management. Managing business without Accountants have become complicated and thus having the right the Communication skill set for them is all the more important.

It is often said that when there is an issue talk it out and when there is a moment of joy share it out. Communication clutches an essential spot in any kind of relationship, be it formal or informal. It strengthens the bond between people and also aids in maintaining a better environment.

Clear communication is the key to being productive in the workplace. Good communication is good business and a better Organization.  Communication is vital and it has to be worked on to improve the way of talking.



5  tips  for Communication Improvement :

  • Be kind, but be direct.
    Be calm and think about what you want from your team and also understand what are they expecting from you and then help them with some tremendous solutions. Be crystal clear on what you want to say and finish the conversation; don’t hold the conversation for a very long time.
  • Stick to Deadlines.
    Everyone makes promises. It’s not about the promises made but it is about the promises fulfilled. We should promise what we can do and is worth doing rather than keeping your team in dark clouds by giving them an empty promise. In the frenetic business schedule, Accountants sometimes take workloads which they are unable to complete, thus it leads to being poor communication. Accountants rarely stick to their deadlines by taking the burden of work on themselves.
  • Ensure proper flow of work.
    Plan your schedule and work accordingly, this will maintain your track while working, and also there will be no delay in working. Taking workloads just disrupts your mind and creates chaos. This leads to a tricky family life where an individual cannot spend quality time with their loved ones. There is a proper Rhythm of work when there is proper planning for the same.
  • Multi-tasking lowers the quality of work and efficiency.
    One should know that Multi-Tasking is not a boon for the company and but it is a curse. Doing aggregate work is injurious for the company’s health and leads to the workload which comes out in the form of frustration and tapers the value of work performed.
  • Avoid unnecessary discussions.
    As simple as it sounds, know what you want to say and say it clearly and confidently. Keep your conversation audible and complete it as early as possible. Do not waste time doing an unnecessary discussion with the team. Directly come straight to the point rather than turning around words and wasting time.

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