I want to do Customization in TallyPrime; can you do it for us?

Last week Mr. Rajesh from Syntra India (Names Changed) called up and asked the above question. On probing further he said, “I want Item wise-Period wise-Customer wise Sales report”. To closely monitor and expand his business he was looking for such a statement. Although It was feasible to develop, we informed what if the entire sales data is available in pivot format and then design sales report as per your requirement.

The above requirement was a simple Configuration and Implementation and Mr. Rajesh took it as a Customization requirement. In the last several years we have observed the only handful of MSMEs owning TallyPrime uses at best 30-35% of the available features while in most cases it is just 20% only. This brings us to a question what is Configuration, Implementation vs. Customization in TallyPrime?

Configuration or Implementation is the process by which existing features of the software are enabled to suit the business requirements. So if the business requirement is of processing payroll then the activation is provided in the F11 button and so on. To avoid complexity, many options have been provided in the F12 buttons as well. The basic understanding of these two buttons would help in the smooth functioning of the entire software. Further, in the last two years, Tally Solutions have immensely improved the help documentation on the site help.tallysolutions.com, we earnestly recommend all users to utilize the site for getting answers on the questions of implementation/configuration.

The customization is a process of changing or altering the behavior of the standard software. It is carried out through the usage of the “Tally Developer Language” Or TDL file installed along with the software.

Following are the advantages of doing customization:–

 1) Personalization: Customization helps in adding a field in the master or voucher OR changing the print layout of the invoice/report thus increases the usage of the software.

 2) Cost-Effectiveness: It is far cheaper to customize a standard feature of the software then develop its own software itself. Many times we have seen the customization cost is 10x lesser than developing the own software for a particular process.

3) Scalable: Customization helps in ensuring processes of the organization are followed as per organization and not as per standard software. 

4) Integration: If the operations are managed in some other software, customization ensures a smooth flow of data between two software.

Subway lets you customize your own Sub!

The major disadvantages of customization are:-

1) Time-Consuming: If the requirements are not comprehended at the start there are chances of customization turning out to be a delayed procedure.

2) Already proved business software available: In such a scenario, customization is an iterative process where the developer himself goes through the requirements multiple times right from the beginning.

3) Support and documentation: For customization to be successful Support and documentation have to be comprehensive as new users are expected and in the absence of documentation the entire project is failed.

At Aimtech, we believe in utilizing the standard features to the maximum and only then opt for customization.

Please do write to us in case of any of your business requirements requiring implementation or customization on sales@aimtechbs.in


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