Automation is the key to growth. Business software helps automation in various areas. A growing organization should invest in Accounting, Outstanding management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply chain management software.

Every month we see a number of software and applications being launched on multiple platforms, but only a few are worth your time and money. The two most important things in life are Time and Money, use it wisely. In this digital world we come across ample products and services every now and then but understanding them is important. Purchasing is a challenging job. Fund your money where you are sure you will get business growth along with good returns and better profit margins, it is Business after all.

Buying software is an essential task since they ease our work but again it isn’t effortless. Keep on re-thinking about the purchase and the future benefits before investing.

“Software comes from heaven when you have good hardware.” –  Ken Oisen

It’s high time we shall get into this crucial topic about Softwares which are worth investing in.

  1. Accounting and Inventory Software:

Accounting is the heart of any business. Earlier in the ’90s, the entire accounting was done manually with lots of papers and files. Accountants were struggling to do it manually as it consumed massive time and effort. But all thanks to the growing generations for bringing a simple tool for accounting. TallyPrime is one such software that has helped most of the SME’s.

TallyPrime helps you #MakeEverydaySimple as it is your best Business manager with plenty of simple accounting tricks and usages. It is the best stock and inventory management system with speed as its major feature. It is as flexible as elastic, you can customize it too. TallyPrime brings impeccable data integrity. Generating Invoice, mailing, printing, reminders for Payments and Outstandings etc. can be done from Tally itself.

You can also track your funds flowing in and out through your Finance Manager, TallyPrime. The best part of this software apart from speed and simple usage is that you can maintain multiple companies and you can also deal in multi-currencies. Getting trained users easily is one of the biggest USP for TallyPrime.

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  1. Cash Flow Management System

Cash flow means the inflow and outflow of cash in the business. Since cash is the king of any business one must know its flow and also project it. One should always have Cash-in-hand to survive the competition. Cash flow gives us all the information about the happenings in the business with respect to cash.

Cash Flow assists you to assess flexibility, liquidity, and the financial position of the business. It is the difference between the opening and closing cash balances. To get an overall look at the cash flow “CashPundit” is the software you should go for.

It is a “One-stop solution” for all the businesses as it heals all the pain areas and aids businesses in practically manage receivables, payables, and cash flows. The first software to provide receivables and sales reports on a smartphone.

CashPundit eases your workload by giving you reminders for Outstandings, payment and also is affordable for SME’s and MNC’s.


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  1. Customer Relationship Management Software:

Customers are said to be the biggest treasures of business. Businessmen cannot afford to lose them as they are the mainstream of getting and growing business.  If customers are the treasures then you have to aim at getting the treasure. Customer Relationship Management is a technique to obtain this treasure.

Maintain your relationship with the customers by providing them with the best products and services. When you sell the product you don’t buy a customer, you buy TRUST which is the most essential feeling in any kind of relationship.

When you gain Customers ensure that you are catering them with the best services, invest in software where you can maintain CRM the most. Let us take an example, “Mr. Shiv is a new customer having a business of Computer Peripherals and he also provides the Internet connection. He was facing a lot of difficulties in maintaining a relationship with customers even after having 10 employees. He opts for a software, Enjay CRM and his working was sorted. If he gets any new client, he generates an inquiry, creates a company with all the details, creates a person etc. If any client of Mr. Shiv faces an issue he can raise a ticket and assign any of his employees and vice-versa. “The ticketing system is very helpful as it reduces the complaint which is a plus point for Customer Relationship Management.

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  1. Supply Chain Management and Distribution Management System.

Every activity can be easily tracked but the most difficult activity to track is the order management and your field sales. Field sales are very important as there is direct contact with the customer and the outside world. SalesTrendz is a suitable software where you can invest your money and time too.

SalesTrendz is an enterprise solution for Order Management, Field Sales Team Activity Tracking, and Performance Management System for the sales team, Sales Analytics, Customer, and Supplier management.  It is a single app with multiple benefits for the Sales team, Customers, Suppliers, and Decision Makers.

SalesTrendz is for sales force automation where you can get minute to minute activity record of your salesperson, keep a track of their order, stock information, live chat, etc. It is a distribution management system you can place an order, generate an invoice, and perform various activities on the mobile application. Accessing data of dealers, retailers and distributors is also possible.

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