Easy to use small modules that help in using TallyPrime more efficiently are referred to as Tally AddONs.

Users can ask for a demonstration of the functionality and then decide on the purchase of the same. Addons add value in terms of quicker implementation and lower cost as compared to solution development and implementation.

Time is what we Want most but we Use worst.

Address Book

With the help of this module, you can manage the customer database in a systematic manner and eventually can print envelope with contact details for debtors, creditors, unsecured loans, etc. It also enables the user to see the group contact details (e.g. debtors) on one page and also can export the same in Excel Format. Label printing for single and multiple addresses is a key boon of this customization.

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Paperless Office Module

Paperless Office is an Eco-friendly solution to digitalize your documents and workspace. Management of Office document is essential where a review of the physical document is regular or if the office space is small. You can scan and keep your important files in TallyPrime Company wise.

Audit Trail Module

Keep Track of your vouchers being edited / cancelled from creation up till final update. It provides calendar day wise voucher edited / cancelled. Also provide details of Masters created / Edited by User wise date wise.

MIS Dashboard

MIS Dashboard gives a snapshot of multiple reports in one dashboard. MIS stands for Management Information System and it helps business owners to take important decisions efficiently. MIS Reports are required by the management to assess the performance of the organization and allow faster decision making.

Standard Narration

Do you want to save time while creating Voucher, Are most of the voucher having similar narration. Then This plug-in would ensure you save time in writing repeated narrations. Can store upto 100s of narrations for ease of use.

Cost Center Wise Trial Balance

Get Trial balance based on Cost centers. With one report you get allocation of various revenue heads in different cost center. The report is also available for Cost Center wise profit and loss account.

Voucher with Cheque Printing

Print in One command Voucher and Cheque so as time and efforts are saved. Effective for those users who get vouchers along with cheque in perforated sheet from the bank.

Printing of Receipt Voucher and Receipt Format on Single Page.

Why waste A-4 Paper for printing Receipt voucher for internal records and Formal receipt for providing to payer. This plug in ensures both can be printed on single page.

RTGS Format.

Bankers require RTGS letter from the account holders. Ensure correct banking details are provided and printed directly from TallyPrime.

Group Company Ledger Voucher Report

If there are more than one branches for a company Ledger voucher report is available in different screen. With this Plug-in we have ensured that ledger voucher report of different companies for same account is visible in single screen. Extremely helpful for those who have multiple branches of same company.

Group Company Single Password Open

In Group company scenario if there is same password for multiple member companies then the same password needs to be enter multiple times to open the companies but this utility enables the user to enter the password only one time and it saves the time.

Multiple Companies Outstanding Report on Single Screen.

We can see outstanding report for the multiple companies in a one page. This can help the companies which are having multiple branches .The users can generate the report at a one click without wasting time and any excel work.

Auto Reversal of Journal

At the time of period ending (Year / Quarter / Month) some provision entries are required to be made and after closing of books the same needs to be reversed on 1st day of next period. This utility enables the user to reverse all the provision entries with the click of button thus users can track the record of all reversed entries.

Export Import of Masters

This enables user the ease of updating existing or new master in Tally without any hectic and with saving the time. The user can Export existing all or Selected Tally masters to Excel. Edit these Masters as required in the Excel sheet and thereafter re-import the duly corrected Masters back in to Tally

KYC Module

This enables the way to manage your customer’s details in your database. This can help to sending mail to your customer about the information required about their contact and other details for e.g. VAT TIN,PAN,Bank Details etc.


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