Ever realized why Tally Solutions do ask you to renew your TSS (Tally Software Services)?

What is the need of renewing the TSS (Tally Software Services) when you have already spent a good amount on Tally License Purchase?

What will happen if you do not renew the TSS (Tally Software Services)?

With the launch of Tally 18 and new price i.e. for Single User at Rs. 22500/- (+GST) and Multi user at Rs 63000/- (+GST) what shall be TSS price?

Let us understand what exactly the TSS is, how it works, and what we can miss out on if we do not renew our TSS?

FAQs on TSS (Tally Software Services)

Query: What is TSS?

Answer: TSS (Tally Software Services) is a collection of services which help you derive more value from your Tally.ERP9 by providing you additional capabilities, such as continuous improvements to the product in the form of personalized updates, central consolidation of branch data over secure servers, banking services, instant support from within your . Tally.ERP9 and many more that enhance your business performance.

Query: How does TSS (Tally Software Service) work?

Answer: TSS gives you access to a broad range of services by connecting to Tally.NET server over the Internet. It provides enhanced connectivity for your business while ensuring complete security to your crucial business data.

Services are rendered through TSS framework as follows-

  • Customer requests for one of the services provided through TSS
  • Tally.ERP9 routes the service request to Tally.NET Server.
  • On receiving the service request, Tally.NET Server checks for the validity of License and active TSS status with the License Authentication Server.
  • On receiving a positive response from the license authentication server, Tally.NET server proceeds to handshake with Tally.ERP9 and provides access to the specific service requested.

Query: What are the services offered through TSS?

Answer: The services offered through TSS currently are

  • Tally Compliance Services- Statutory Updates, Audit Tools, e-Filing, Taxation changes
  • Tally Infrastructure Services- Data Synchronization, Remote Access, Mobile Applications Integration, SMS Service
  • Tally Business Convenience Services – Banking Services (Cheque printing, Auto Bank Reconciliation), Additional Services (Multilingual Support, Jobs & Recruitment)
  • Tally New Product Services- Technology Updates, Tally Shop, and Personalized Updates for New features, Enhancements and Issue resolutions
  • Tally Support Services – Support Centre, Control Centre, Knowledge Base

Query: Is there any difference in the benefits I will get with TSS as compared to TNS?

Answer: Currently, all the features and benefits available in TNS will be available in TSS. However, many more services will be added in the future and TSS will be the platform to access these services.

Query: Tally 18 is being launched with Increase in Base Price, would I have to pay separate charges for Update?

Answer: For those licenses where TSS is valid NO separate charges has to be paid.

Query: Can I pay for TSS for Two years together.

Answer: Yes, One can pay for Two years of license subscription together, The validity of TSS shall be extended for two years from the date of payment.

Query: How can I procure TSS?

Answer: Following are the ways by which customers can procure TSS:

  • Filling an online form on www.aimtechbs.in , for a call back and assistance from our representatives

Query: What if I do not renew my TSS?

Answer: A Valid TSS (Tally Software Services) is Required to complete this Action. Renew your TSS and Try Again

This error appears in 3 scenarios:

  • G: Language button is clicked and TSS has expired.
  • Any Language other than English is chosen from the list of Languages and TSS (Tally Software Services) has expired
  • Ctrl+C: Helper button is clicked at TDS Statutory Master Creation screen and TSS (Tally Software Services) has expired.

 Also you will not be able to enjoy following features without an “Active TSS”.

Features of TSS include:

  • Tally Compliance Services
    • Statutory Updates
    • Audit Tools
  • Tally Infrastructure Services
    • Data Synchronization
    • Remote Access
    • Mobile Application Integration (Refer to the Developer Reference page of the TallyHelp website.
    • SMS Service
  • Tally Business Convenience Services
    • Banking and Payment Services
    • Jobs and Recruitment
  • Tally New Product Services
    • Tally Shop
  • Tally Support Services
    • Support Centre
    • Control Centre

How useful is banking feature for me?

 Refer our earlier blog http://aimtechbs.in/increase-your-productivity-banking-in-tally-erp9/

Is auditor feature really useful? Connect to us to explore more about the auditor features in Tally.ERP9.

Please write to us on sales@aimtechbs.in   we shall send interesting ways in which Auditor feature can be useful to you.

Hence it is always recommended to renew your TSS timely to enjoy the benefit of all the above features.

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