Tally Add On Modules

Tally Add-on Modules

Time is what we Want most but we Use worst.

1. Brokerage / Salesman Module

Information on Brokerage Wont be stressfull any more.
Details Broker wise Sales , Outstanding and Brokerage Calculation. The Tagging of Broker Or Sales man name is made at the invoice level so as to present accurate Broker wise outstanding. The module provides details of brokerages to be paid only on Cleared Invoices.

2. Paperless Office Module

Good Document Management Constitutes an essential part of Successful Office . Manage Scanned Copy of voucher effectively by tagging along the Tally Voucher. Ensure quick and efficient retrieval of source document.

3. Voucher Authorisation – One / Two levels

Voucher authorization module is a plug-in that can provide upto two level of authorization for designated voucher type. Ensures each voucher is approved by multiple levels before posting it in books of accounts.

4. Voucher Level Security Module

With the help of this module the administrator can control the user access for Voucher creation, Alteration, deletion, cancellation and back dated entries. Specific Voucher type wise access can be given for specific users. Other important features of this module are copying Security levels of One user to another users and from one company to another company. The double work for giving same access of same level users is not required now with this plug in.

5. Audit Trail Module

Keep Track of your vouchers being edited / cancelled from creation up till final update. It provides calendar day wise voucher edited / cancelled. Also provide details of Masters created / Edited by User wise date wise.

6. Standard Narration

Do you want to save time while creating Voucher, Are most of the voucher having similar narration. Then This plug-in would ensure you save time in writing repeated narrations. Can store upto 100s of narrations for ease of use.

7. Cost Center Wise Trial Balance

Get Trial balance based on Cost centers. With one report you get allocation of various revenue heads in different cost center. The report is also available for Cost Center wise profit and loss account.

8. C Form Receivable Report with Interest

Getting C Forms on Timely basis has always been challenging for the accountants. Getting delayed C Form means not only audit remark but a potential penalty clause. Here is a report which provides detailed information on c form not received along with penal interest amount to make client understand the importance of getting timely details.

9. Voucher with Cheque Printing

Print in One command Voucher and Cheque so as time and efforts are saved. Effective for those users who get vouchers along with cheque in perforated sheet from the bank.

10. Printing of Receipt Voucher and Receipt Format on Single Page.

Why waste A-4 Paper for printing Receipt voucher for internal records and Formal receipt for providing to payer. This plug in ensures both can be printed on single page.

11. RTGS Format.

Bankers require RTGS letter from the account holders. Ensure correct banking details are provided and printed directly from Tally.ERP9.

12. Sales Order to Invoice to Collection Report

Enables user to tracking of their sales right from the sales order to Receipt and is there is any outstanding of particular sales / sales order. This report also gives the information if sales is not made against any order and if there are multiple sales invoice against single order.

13. Group Company Ledger Voucher Report

If there are more than one branches for a company Ledger voucher report is available in different screen. With this Plug-in we have ensured that ledger voucher report of different companies for same account is visible in single screen. Extremely helpful for those who have multiple branches of same company.

14. Group Company Single Password Open

In Group company scenario if there is same password for multiple member companies then the same password needs to be enter multiple times to open the companies but this utility enables the user to enter the password only one time and it saves the time.

15. Multiple Companies Outstanding Report on Single Screen.

We can see outstanding report for the multiple companies in a one page. This can help the companies which are having multiple branches .The users can generate the report at a one click without wasting time and any excel work.

16. Auto Reversal of Journal

At the time of period ending (Year / Quarter / Month) some provision entries are required to be made and after closing of books the same needs to be reversed on 1st day of next period. This utility enables the user to reverse all the provision entries with the click of button thus users can track the record of all reversed entries.

17. Export Import of Masters

This enables user the ease of updating existing or new master in Tally without any hectic and with saving the time. The user can Export existing all or Selected Tally masters to Excel. Edit these Masters as required in the Excel sheet and thereafter re-import the duly corrected Masters back in to Tally.

18. Address Book

With the help of this module one can manage the customer database in a systematic manner and eventually can print envelope with contact details for debtors, creditors unsecured loans etc. It also enables the user to see the group contact details (e.g. Debtors) in a one page and also can export in excel format.

19. SMS Module

This is the tool to manage your customer relationships. With the help of this we can send sms for the outstanding reminders, Receipt of Cheques, promotional SMS, after sales service (for service industry) and even your employee with the cost effective manner.

20. KYC Module

This enables the way to manage your customer’s details in your database. This can help to sending mail to your customer about the information required about their contact and other details for e.g. VAT TIN,PAN,Bank Details etc.