“You can have Data without Information, but you cannot have Information without Data.” – Daniel Keys Moran

Shiv, a Graphic Designer, owns a company called Creative Creations. The company deals in wedding cards, greeting cards, different types of papers and packing materials. He has a team of 15 members which include 4 core team members in the office, 6 salespersons to showcase his creation in the market and 5 freelancing workers on weekly basis to shop for the material required and basic necessities. Creative Creations is a firm with a good corporate image because of its unique collection, creativity, quality and most importantly services.

To manage the entire business he uses Tally.ERP9 for accounting, inventory and monthly payroll. Once Shiv had sent one of his team members to his client Mr. Vyas and as per the address provided to the salesman by the official team member the salesman had reached before time. But to his bad luck the address provided was incorrect; Mr. Vyas had shifted his company a long time back i.e. 2 years. This misleads of information wasted time and energy of the salesman and more over he was not able to hold on to his meeting. Suddenly he realized at least 5 to 6 couriers ( of Invoice / document etc.) are being returned every month.

What do you think was the problem? According to us, Shiv and his official team members did not do periodic update the KYC of their clients and vendors thus had to face this major disaster.

Returned Couriers are also a threat for company’s goodwill as the accounts team member is assured that he has couriered the document, cheque, etc. but eventually the document is returning due to the false address of the respective company.

In all the fields being expert and skilled is very important as it shows how well experienced you are. Organizations like Manufacturing, Accounting, Trading, Entertainment, Merchandising, Re- Selling etc. are on their way to become competent in market. To broadcast yourself you should be in a constant touch with your Customers and Vendors so that you have an idea about their whereabouts.

The agenda is not just to do Business but to make sure that you are doing it correctly and professionally by proper KYC update of Customers and Vendors also at the same time.

Not updating the Masters in Tally.ERP9 i.e. no address or contact updates, no contact person updates often leads you into such kind of trouble. If your company data has wrong addresses of your clients and vendors and the salesman has no clue about this then you are in a wrong direction.

Updating KYC should be done periodically, may be , every quarter in order to maintain customer relationship and to make sure that the data possessed is correct.

To avoid chaos and to avoid putting company’s goodwill on stake it is better to update the masters in a simple Accounting Software likely named as Tally.ERP9 with Aimtech’s customization- Address Book Module.

Address Book is a customization in Tally which helps you in Envelope and Label printing, detailed information of customers and vendors, etc.

  • Detailed Information of Customers and Vendors:

The Address Book Module gives you detailed information about your customers and vendors which will help you in your day to day work. You will get Company Name, Email Address, Contact Detail, and Postal Address in a columnar form for all the companies in just one click.

Debtor details in a columnar format.

  • Export the data in a single Excel sheet:

After getting details about all the customers and vendors you can also export it into in a single excel sheet through Tally.ERP9 within a span of time. Exporting can also be done in PDF, XML, etc. formats with all the details in detail.

Data exported in a Single Excel Sheet.

  • Single and Group Address Labels:

The Single Address Label is used for Printing Envelopes one at a time for one company. Getting addresses printed on the envelopes sounds so digital and well- equipped. This is used for sending Invoices, Cheques or any kind of documents in an envelope.

Single Address Envelope Printing.

The Group Address Label is used for Printing Addresses on Stickers/Label format for Invitations for any kind of Event happening in the company, sending gifts etc. The group address customization in Tally.ERP9 will select all the companies you are dealing with and print accordingly.

  • Selected Single and Multi Address Labels:

The Single Address Label is used to print multiple envelopes at a time for multiple companies. You can print in a bulk quantity and this customization also allows you to select multiple companies manually.

Selected Multi Address Label Printing.

The Group Address Label is used to print multiple addresses on Stickers/Labels format. Bulk label printing is acceptable for multiple companies. You can select the companies you want to print manually and vice-versa.

  • Selected Envelope Printing:

This feature of Address Book Module prints addresses on the envelope in an A4 size format. The A4 size envelopes are mostly used for any legal purpose or document.

A4 size Envelope Printing

After all envelopes/stickers are physical and will be couriered to the clients which will definitely leave a good mark on company’s goodwill.


  • Updated Masters in Tally.ERP9 with proper details.
  • Aids in building Customer Relationship Management.
  • Looks Professional.
  • Saves ample amount of time and energy.
  • Easy working of the customization in Tally.ERP9.
  • Need not write Addresses manually.
  • Bulk printing for selected companies.
  • Exporting of the data within seconds.

Thus, to conclude the main aim to write this blog was to tackle the goof ups beforehand  with updated data and to  become a Professional in all the aspects from creating a website to social media posting to printing stationery for the company and so on.

To gain more information regarding this feasible customization in Tally.ERP9, write us at

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